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This is When Romeo sees  a  broadcast of a caplet party and when he sees the man that can’t read the invite.
There are two scenes, one that is in the olden days and the one in the modern day .
The first one is when Romeo sees the broadcast on tv about the party he goes with his friend.
The second one is When Romeo sees the man that can’t read he looks at the invite and then goes to the party.
Whither? To supper?
To our house.
Who’s house?
My masters.
Indeed I should have asked thee that before.
Now I’ll tell you without asking. My master is the great rich caplet.
Oct 15, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Interpretations of Romeo and juliet (film and the book) project

The differences between the Book and the film is that when you watch the film it is in more detail for an example the weather changes when mecutio dies and sets a curse between the two households Catherine weather goes all cloudy and thunder strikes but on the other hand in the book if you are confused you can read over it and understand the meaning of the quotes.In Romeo and Juliet there is a chain of events that lead to PATHETIC F ALLACY  which is the attribution of human emotions  or characteristics, it is the treatment of inanimate objects as if they had human feelings.



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