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Hotel rwanda

At the beginning of the film, Paul bribes a general and a local businessman to ensure that the Hotel Mille Collines, which he manages, runs smoothly and has a steady supply of excellent food and liquor for the wealthy guests. Paul wants to provide a good life for his family by achieving success as a hotel manager.
In Hotel Rwanda the director made the film to try and get his point across to show how the people area seperated because of there colour. The director ingaged the sympothy i the audience and made them feel sorry for the ones that were left behind. The director made the audience relise how it really is in rwanda and that people can make a difference to help Rwanda and it also spread an e emotional feeling to the audience and the director personally aimed for a affective/sentimental feeling and he wanted to express his feeling about the crisis in Rwanda through a film where the audience can see the real truth about what really happens over there and I thought that the film succeeded in doing that because I saw that our class found it sad and really got into the film.
The scene that really shows Paul’s (the protaganist)emotions is the car scene where the weather is misty and the and they think there going to drive into a river because its bumpy but then once the driver stops the car and Paul gets out he see’s all the dead bodies and then knows that he was deliberately sent in that direction to see’s what the Tutsi leader is capable of. Paul was a brave man who wanted to help the tuts i’s from the hutu’s for example During the film he hides many Tutsi refugees in the hotel he manages and bribes the businessman and general in order to save the refugees from the serveir consequences(death). Also another scene that shows his bravery is when he stayed behind to help the refugees instead of going on the UN truck with his family. In hotel rwanda Paul is focused on looking after his family and his family is his first priority and he cares alot for them, an example of this is when he says to his family to go to the roof and jump off if the hutu’s come because their punishments are much more servier.


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