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It’s as sweet as sugar and I can’t resist
She is the full package and is worth it
She stands out and feels just like a soft kiss
I feel like I only have one chance to win

So I don’t really want to miss that one chance
When i see the colour of pink I think….
What would I do with out her, I would die
I want to see her every day, that’s my dream

I would do anything to see her again
But I just can’t afford the price of her
The price goes up but The taste stays the same.

Jun 28, 2013 - Communication    1 Comment

10 questions about my sonnet

What is my sonnet about?
What is your view on my sonnet and if you like is or not say why?
What do you think I could have done to improve my sonnet?
What was your favourite verse and why?
What do you think the second paragraph was about?
How do you think I could have related to what I was talking about in more detail?
Make a sentence up about the sonnet?


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