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English Coursework

“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert”. Sounds dumb doesn’t it? Im confused with what he is trying to say but at the same time curious,why are they trunkless legs of stone?, and why are they in the desert?…. Is it a statue? Because i have no clue what so ever, even if it was what would it be doing in the desert?….trunkless. Sounds like something a creepy mad man would say.

Last time i heard of something like this it was back home when i was watching a
horror movie with Charlie, my irritating nine year old brother who cant shut his mouth for more than a minute.

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There’s nowt wrong with slang”

In this piece of coursework i will be analysing Belinda Webb’s article. I will explore the effects on the reader and give argument for and against along with my opinion on slang and how it is used.
Reading Belinda Webb’s article i though it was very good as it really expressed her views and emotions towards slang. I agree with Belinda Webb because i think that here views are very reasonable and i can relate to what she’s saying. She’s expressed her views towards the use of slang using informal language for example in her second paragraph “this kind of talk has got me vexed” which means that she is angry because of what people are saying, also in the following paragraph she also uses words such as “d’ya get me?” which supportsĀ  one of my points as i think that not all words in slang have negative meanings for example “sick” means excited or that someone is really good at something. Therefore i agree, however to be honest the negative slang words outnumber the positive ones but i think that there is a big exaggeration on the use if slang because teenagers use it to an extent, im sure that when needed they can speak formally and use formal language in an important situation such as a job interview or speaking to a teacher about something eg.

Further moreĀ  in the third paragraph Belinda Webb expresses her views in a way that is saying that types of slang is viewed in a different language.


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