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This is When Romeo sees  a  broadcast of a caplet party and when he sees the man that can’t read the invite.
There are two scenes, one that is in the olden days and the one in the modern day .
The first one is when Romeo sees the broadcast on tv about the party he goes with his friend.
The second one is When Romeo sees the man that can’t read he looks at the invite and then goes to the party.
Whither? To supper?
To our house.
Who’s house?
My masters.
Indeed I should have asked thee that before.
Now I’ll tell you without asking. My master is the great rich caplet.

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  • These are both good examples of the action of fate in Romeo and Juliet – what is needed now is for you to explain this to us. It’s about outlining what fate is, and then explaining how these events are examples of fate in action in the play.

    Let me know if you need any help doing this.

    Mr Waugh


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