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Romeo and juliet practice question

One piece of evidence that deals with fate in Romeo and Juliet is through the things of what the character say like in the book one of the characters quote “a pair of star cross’d lovers take their life”  so it is trying to say that their death is per-determined.

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  • This is the bones of a good answer, Albin.

    You have the right idea, but your written expression lets you down. The first thing to understand is that a complicated idea like this one is going to take quite a few words to clarify properly. Also, I suggest you (at least initially) use shorter sentences so that your writing reads clearly and purposefully.

    The strongest part of this paragraph is the topic sentence which reads well. Then it would be important to ‘unpack’ the quotation. Explain what it’s saying in words that your reader will easily understand.

    Once you’ve done that – and affirmed that it reinforces the idea that Romeo and Juliet’s death is pre-determined – you can also explain that it fits into a bigger scheme of references to fate in the play. That the characters’ words are just one of many devices used to communicate this idea.

    I look forward to reading this as you develop it.



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