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Question: What historical figure is represented by Napoleon and what features do they have in common?

Napoleon represents Stalin for the following reasons:

  • He opposes Snowball’s (Trotsky’s) ideas and later uses Snowball’s ideas to his own benefit.
  • Blames Snowball for everything that occurs (even when he was absent).
  • He assumes as “Leader” of the farm and makes his own rules.
  • No one objects to him, if they do his guard dogs threaten them.
  • Makes minor changes to the Commandments.

Napoleon is an ambitious and powerful character who likes to get his way, Napoleon is actually Joseph Stalin in reality and they have a lot of things in common,
For an example


-He acted as a leader with Trotsky after the Russian revolution.
-He was not quite well educated compared to Trotsky.
-He ordered someone to kill Trotsky.


-He acts as one of two leaders of animal farm with snowball
-He isn’t as clever as snowball.
-He runs of snowball when he felt threaten by snowball.

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  • This could not be better, Albin. Thank you for taking the time to complete this research and provide such a clear and succinct response – this will help your interpretation of the events that are soon to happen in the book a lot.

    Mr Waugh


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