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The genocide was the fault of the Rwandan people for agreeing to the racial division

We disagree that the hutu’s started the genocide (Definition: The Hutu are a mostly Roman Catholic and Protestant, French-and-Bantu-dialect-speaking people numbering more than 11 million and populating Rwanda, Burundi, and portions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Hutu arrived in the region before the Tutsis in the 11th century from Chad. While Hutu share much in common with the Tutsis, they are each distinct from the third major ethnic group in the region and the longest inhabitants of the area, the Twa pygmies)

The un dosent really have a army its just country’s giving the un soldiers and the country’s dont want to do it anymore the un are peace keepers not peace makers.

The assassination of the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana in 1994 actually started it, but many factors led up to it.

There were two ethnic groups involved – the Tutsi and the Hutu. During this genocide, the Hutu, who controlled the government, slaughtered the Tutsi and even moderate Hutu who opposed the Hutu Power beliefs.

These two groups were not friendly, so it was not hard to get them to fight each other. There had already been a genocide in Burundi, right beside Rwanda, in 1972 where the Tutsi killed 200,000 Hutus. So the two ethnic groups were in constant conflict.

In 1990 a group called the Rwandan Patriotic Army, which was the military branch of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, invaded Rwanda from Uganda. The RPA was made up of Tutsi refugees and Ugandan soldiers. It was led by Paul Kagame, who was head of Ugandan Intelligence (like the CIA). So they invaded and stared a civil war, and Hutus (probably fearing they would be killed) began to form militias. Then the Hutu president was assassinated, and in response, the Hutu militia, called Interhamwe, started to massacre Tutsi civilians.

The civil war continued while the genocide was going on. In spite of this, the Tutsi RPA won the civil war. The end result was that Paul Kagame became President of Rwanda.

in reality the tutsi’s agreed to fight and defend themselves and caused the hutu’s to retaliate badly and at the end of the day UN just sat And watched until they finally realised they had to do something about it

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