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To Kill A Mocking Bird page 1-15 summary

On chapter one jean also called by her nickname “scout” talks about how she remembers Jem (her brother) breaking her arm. “When he was nearly thirteen my brother Jem got arm badly broken at the elbow”

The quotation I chose to analyse is on chapter one page 6 “We lived on the main residential street in town-Atticus, Jem and I, plus Calpurnia our cook. Jem and I found our father satisfactory: he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment.”

This short paragraph shows that in the eyes of “scout” Atticus has done nothing and this marks him put as either a good father or a bad one. It can also show that he treats his two children well, but as little adults. “Courteous detachment” -does not criticise and treat them the same way he treats everyone else.

1 Comment

  • Albin,

    I like your exploration of the quotation and your conclusion of ‘courteous detachment’ – good job. I’m also pleased with the way you are embedding and linking quotations.

    Proof-read – there are points here where the subject of your sentence has become confused, you can fix this easily.


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