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how has pride been shown in My Last Duchess and

Pride has been presented throughout My last Duchess in many ways, I strongly believe that Robert Browning’s intentions throughout this poem is to make the audience see the effect jealousy and excessive pride has on someone’s life. In this poem there are numerous examples that suggests Duke has alot of self-pride, for example on line 9-10 he quotes “But to myself they turned(since none puts by the curtain I have drawn for you, but I”) . The literal meaning in this quotation is that Duke is the only person who has the ability to look at this painting and also the only one who can draw the curtain. Here you can clearly see that Robert Browning uses dramatic monologue to highlight Duke’s traits and flaws. Self pride is also shown as soon as he mentions “Fra Pandold” (famous painter) and is mentioned several times which shows how Duke is showing off he able to hire a famous painter and bragging about his wealth.

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